SS Holding llc - V3 Flatbread Pizza
SS Holding llc - V3 Flatbread Pizza

V3 Flatbread Pizza

The ultimate pizza experience is finally here

The search for the ultimate pizza experience is over… V3 Flatbread Pizza is a new fast-casual pizza shop where customers can create their own pizza masterpiece.

You start by choosing your dough, then your sauce, unlimited toppings, and end with seasonings, finishes, and oils; all for one low price.


The V3 Concept

Our philosophy on franchising is similar to our food philosophy… fresh, organic, and local. Like the ingredients that go into our pizzas, we have the freshest fast-casual pizza stores around, with a fresh look, cool vibe, and contemporary feel.

Like our organic topping options, we have an organic interest in our franchises, as is demonstrated through our unwavering support of entrepreneurs who have a passion for our product and their sights on success.

And like our locally sourced produce, each local franchisee lives, works, and plays in and around the community they serve.

SS Holding llc - V3 Flatbread Pizza

V3 Flatbread Pizza

4500 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201



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